Van der Hoeven Kliniek KIB

The Intensive Treatment clinic is situated in the newest wing of the hospital. This independent branch is adjacent to the hospital at which patients detained under a hospital order are treated and can be found in the centre of Utrecht. The Intensive Treatment Clinic treats patients who have been admitted with a court authorisation or a detention. In these situations, a civil court has decided that it is better for the safety of the patient and his (immediate) environment to admit him to a psychiatric hospital.

Patients may have been admitted for various reasons. Usually, treatment in a standard mental healthcare institution will have reached an impasse; this might be because someone is difficult to manage, makes serious threats or is physically aggressive, for example. The object of the treatment provided will be to improve the functioning of patients to such an extent that they continue their treatment in the mental healthcare institution from which they originated or are able to transfer to a sheltered accommodation project, for example.

The building is situated in a spacious, light square that is adjacent to an enclosed garden and has its own workshop, creative classrooms and psychotherapy and diagnosis rooms. There is room for everyday activities on the ground floor. The first and second floors house the departments to which patients have been admitted. There are two residential groups. The extent to which residents live together in a group will vary from one residential group to another. The Van der Hoeven Kliniek – the Intensive Treatment Clinic – has one individual department to which patients are admitted who are still in crisis and are unable to function in a residential group. Crisis admissions are possible in this department too. Each residential group has 12 rooms, each of which has its own shower, wash basin and toilet. All of the departments are made up of a combination of male and female patients.

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten