Van der Hoeven Kliniek TBS

The Van der Hoeven Kliniek treats patients who have been detained under a hospital order. The building is situated in an urban environment in Utrecht and offers patients workshops, creative classrooms and psychotherapy and diagnostics rooms in addition to living space.

Residential groups

The hospital has six residential groups. These have been named after streets in the part of Utrecht in which the hospital used to be based. Each group has its own living room and a kitchen with a dining room. Bedrooms can be found on the two upper floors. All of the groups are made up of a combination of male and female patients. The patients are jointly responsible for all domestic chores. The hospital has two highly structured individual departments. Depending on the problem that a patient has, he will be placed in a group or in an individual department. Internal flats are available, in which patients who have already reached an advance stage in their treatment practise living independently. Here, they themselves are responsible for the schedule for the day and domestic chores.

Transmural locations

The transition to society takes place gradually and the treatment provided is designed to ensure that patients re-enter society safely. Given this fact, the hospital offers patients with a transmural status various possibilities. This status signifies that patients have reached the last stage of their treatment. The De Brug Department and Schutse/De Weerd offer counselling to patients who no longer need the shelter of the hospital. A transmural treatment team will counsel patients who live outside the hospital, in its own facilities or those belonging to other institutions. In this way, the hospital works intensively with parties for different forms of sheltered accommodation. 

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten