About the Intensive Treatment Clinic (KIB)

At the Intensive Treatment Clinic (KIB), we treat people who have reached an impasse at other institutions or who are no longer possible to manage in outpatient care. These people are a danger to themselves and/or to others around them. We stabilise individuals like this in a structured, safe and drug and alcohol free setting, carry out additional diagnostics, use therapy and put patients on (new) medication. 

The multidisciplinary treatment team has a great deal of experience and expertise with forensic psychiatry and the expertise necessary to help patients with a minor mental impairment is available too. Patients stay at the Intensive Treatment Clinic for a period of between six months and two years. The object of the treatment is to be able to guide patients back to the referring organisation, a sheltered accommodation programme or to another appropriate follow-up facility within the standard mental healthcare institution.


The Intensive Treatment Clinic consists of a number of different departments. In addition to a department in which patients receive more individual counselling, there is a department in which emphasis is placed on group life. The therapeutic environment in the group offers patients an environment in which they are able to practise the use of different behaviour.

The Long Intensive Care Department (LIC)

Whereas the Intensive Treatment Clinic focuses particularly on the provision of short-term intensive treatment, a certain group of patients will be eligible for admission to the Long Intensive Care department (LIC). Patients who are admitted to the LIC have such complex psychiatric and psychosocial problems that stabilisation is only possible through the use of more long-term intensive treatment and counselling. The LIC offers these patients structure in a safe, well-organised and orderly environment, where treatment is tailored towards the needs of the individual patient. The LIC department at the Van der Hoeven Kliniek is situated at the De Voorde branch. 

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten