About Long care / De Voorde

De Voorde is situated in a green environment near Amersfoort and was initially created as a place to which patients with psychiatric problems, but psychotic problems in particular, could transfer from the Van der Hoeven Kliniek in Utrecht. More than 12 years ago, this resulted in collaboration with the Zon & Schild mental healthcare institution, then called Symphora and now part of GGZ-Centraal. Initially just a small department, today De Voorde has grown to become an independent clinic with 70 beds. Intake is now national and other forensic hospitals and standard mental healthcare institutions refer their patients to us too.

Working towards re-entry

Most long care patients have chronic psychiatric problems. Although it is often possible to use medication to stabilise these problems reasonably well, many patients retain a permanent vulnerability. Although it is not possible to achieve this at the same level for all patients, we work towards the achievement of a safe re-entry into society for long care patients too. If a patient experiences setbacks, he will always be able to return to De Voorde (temporarily). Extensive risk management makes it clear which patients will continue to depend on long-term forensic care for a protracted period of time. Risk management, early detection and boundaries in a living environment in which the patient feels accepted, contribute to a safe living environment, both in the clinic and in society.

A high discharge rate

Based on the site of the standard mental healthcare institutions, patients are able to extend their freedom and activities in small steps and ‘tread water’ if necessary. Added to this, the experience that we have gained during 10 years of collaboration means that our patients often transfer to the standard mental healthcare institutions without any problems. Another advantage is that fact that we always offer a re-admission guarantee. This results in an annual discharge rate of approximately 20%, which is relatively high for a setting of this nature.


De Voorde consists of one individual department, one crisis department and four residential groups. Each residential group has two small flats where patients can practise living independently. Depending on the possibilities available, patients will attend a programme consisting of therapy, sports activities and creative activities and work during the day. Long care patients are divided over the various departments and residential groups.

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten