Treatment in long care focuses on ensuring that patients lead as fulfilling a life as possible. Given the problems that patients have, treatment is intensive and a clear day structure is necessary. 

Consideration is also given to what people are able to do. The treatment climate focuses on learning and taking responsibility for a healthy living environment in which the 6R model is key (in English, the six Dutch Rs translate as: peace, purity, regularity, rehabilitation, space and respect). Each patient receives a treatment plan that is geared towards his individual needs, possibilities and limitations. We also draw on the healthy aspects identified for residents, enabling them – where possible – to attend a day programme consisting of therapy, education or work and sport. Pharmacotherapy plays an important role in the treatment that our patients receive.

Collaborating with chain partners

At De Voorde, we work closely with chain partners. We apply the stepped care principle, which enables our patients to take small steps towards the achievement of greater freedom. This is aided by the fact that De Voorde is situated in the grounds of a mental healthcare institution. Often, this group of patients find a transfer easier if it takes place within a trusted environment rather than to a different site. Another advantage is that we always offer a re-admission guarantee; patients are always able to return to De Voorde if they experience setbacks. However, the risk profile for some patients is such that they will always need some form of forensic care and will continue to live in a long care department.

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten