The hospital offers patients a wide range of activities as part of their daytime activities:

Work and Training

Work and training ensures that people are able to provide for themselves and obtain worthwhile daytime activities. The majority of patients have had a problematic employment history. From the time of their admission, patients will be set to work in one of the 10 workshops in the clinic. In the treatment provided, we do our utmost to ensure that patients learn a trade and the right attitude to work. Added to this, patients are given the opportunity to learn something that will enable them to re-enter society with a better education or training. Depending on their possibilities, patients are able to attend primary education, vocational education, secondary education or higher education. When a patient opts to do vocational education, the Education Department and the workshops will work together closely.

Sport and creative subjects

Sport and creative subjects will be included in the treatment objectives for the patient. The object of sport is to relax patients and to help them to burn off some of their energy. At the hospital, patients are able to play a wide range of sports, ranging from football to climbing and from badminton to judo. Creative subjects offer patients the opportunity to discover hidden talents. We make maximum use of creative subjects and sport in the treatment objectives set for patients. Consider, for example, collaboration, learning to listen, concentration and perseverance. Patients also learn to recognise their own talents and skills and this frequently causes them to develop hobbies or leisure activities; both are important pillars for resocialisation. Hobbies or leisure activities are important protective factors for the prevention of recidivism.

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