Helping to make society safe

The Van der Hoeven Kliniek is a centre for clinical forensic psychiatry. The hospital aims to help make society safer. It does this by teaching patients on whom hospital orders and civil law orders have been imposed how to live in a correct and responsible manner outside the hospital. In a manner that ensures the safety of others and themselves too. Our approach focuses on reducing the chance of reversion (re-offending) by patients and is how we work towards helping to make society a safe place. The hospital offers patients tailor-made care, which entails treating patients where possible and imposing limits where necessary. Added to this, our intensive collaboration with chain partners enables us to use (gradual) stepped care to guide patients back into society as much as possible. The hospital has two branches in Utrecht and one in Amersfoort (De Voorde) and specialises in the three areas below:

  • Patients who have been detained under a hospital order
  • The Intensive Treatment Clinic
  • Long care for patients who have been detained under a hospital order and patients admitted to the Intensive Treatment Clinic

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Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten