The national risk assessment database (LDR) is a national database for the scores obtained from risk assessment tools. This facilitates academic research that is more precise and conducted on a larger scale. This research enables us to learn from existing practice in the field of risk assessment.

This is resulting in the more precise use and refinement of existing risk assessment tools. The Van der Hoeven Kliniek actively helped to create the national risk assessment database and is closely involved in the further development and performance of research aided by the data generated. We are currently also contributing to a national database that records the recidivism that occurs once a hospital order has ended: this is the recidivism monitor. At the hospital, we have been using the recidivism monitor for years now. It helps us to assess risks even better and to prevent recidivism.

Van der Hoeven Kliniek is onderdeel van De Forensische Zorgspecialisten