Registering patients

Patients are registered with the Placement Department.
The Van der Hoeven Kliniek
The Placement Department
Telephone: +31 (0)30-2758275 (general); +31 (0)30-2758256 (the Placement Department)
The registration procedure applicable will depend on the type of registration.

Patients who have been detained under hospital orders

Referrals for treatment under a hospital order always originate from the Ministry of Security and Justice. The main treatment will start with steps to get to know the patient in the penal institution. Patients will be admitted within six weeks of their registration by the Ministry.

The Intensive Treatment Clinic

Referring organisations, such as mental healthcare institutions or the Dutch Probation Service, can register patients for treatment at the Intensive Treatment Clinic. This registration will be discussed in the registration meeting and will be followed by intake, in consultation with the referring organisation. Admission will follow as soon as a place becomes available. Admission will require a court authorisation. Referring organisations will continue to be involved in the treatment provided throughout the period in which the patient remains at the clinic.

Click here for the registration form (only available in Dutch).


In the event of a crisis registration, the clinic will ascertain whether or not it is possible to offer the patient in question a place as soon as possible, preferably within one day.

Various factors will determine whether or not this is possible. These include the availability of a bed, the medical care required and the existence of a court authorisation. Only referring organisations, such as a mental healthcare institution or the Dutch Probation Service, will be able to register patients for a crisis admission.

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